Awful Charities That Will Steal From Victims of Gatlinburg Forest Fires

Horrible Charities To Donate To Regarding Gatlinburg Forest Fire Damage

Avoid Donating To These Charities At All Cost When Trying To Help Fire Victims in Gatlinburg

I might not have been in Gatlinburg, TN for the recent wild fires that ravaged the area, I did grow up there however. I met some of my best friends there, I bought real moonshine from the maintenance guys at some of the resorts that burned down. A lot of people I know lost their homes and all of their possessions. It’s terrible what people are saying on twitter about this tradgedy, I’m sure several are outraged by all of this. I am helping in the only way I can see fit, I am providing a resource of information regarding how terrible some charitable donation companies actually are. You are free to make your own decision, this is only meant to be due diligence on these companies. The charity that I am naming in this blog post is The American Red Cross.


The American Red Cross

Shady Videos About The American Red Cross


All of these videos obviously show the greed, deception, and misuse of funds by The American Red Cross, this doesn’t mean that the charity doesn’t do some good though. I’m sure that there are countless people that have been helped. I am simply saying be careful, if you gave $10 to someone who said they would give $9 of it to a homeless person that you wanted to help and then found out from the homeless person that they only received $2… how would you feel? It would be far better to donate to the person directly. Anyway here are some other reasons not to support the red cross.


What Employees Are Saying

“A LairĀ of Thieves PeacockingĀ as a Charity”

The American Red Cross operates like a pyramid plan– those on the top get all the perks while those under get all the dross

( reduced pay, crappy hrs, etc.). If you work below your sight could vary depending upon your position and department yet it does not conceal

the overall fact. The American Red Cross remains in the center of a massive downsizing that started in 2008 and is set to continue at

the very least up until 2017. Nearly all the whining you see comes from that basic reality.

Our CEO Gail McGovern’s favored slogan is “One Red Cross.” This is either brilliant publicity or wishful thinking. The American Red

Cross has at the very least 4 diverse procedures operating under its roofing system at all times– Service to the Armed Forces, blood solutions,

disaster relief, and health and wellness education and learning. Each has their very own goals and also treatments. But whenever senior administration intends to

cut expenses, they make sweeping changes that end up impacting each division detrimentally.

As an example: They reduced staffing to the bone, fold neighborhood phases left as well as right, after that institute a new plan where just 10%.

of personnel can be off any type of offered day. In a lot of workplaces that suggests only one individual leaves. If you’re not that person, you are out of.

good luck. You can’t make use of PTO; you cannot simply take the day off without pay. You need to can be found in or you will certainly be disciplined. Basically,.

they’ve created consistent top-down system that doesn’t factor in the needs of each individual workplace or worker. Currently, translate.

that attitude to catastrophe relief or blood solutions and you could see why existing staff members are distressed, client grievances are.

enhancing, as well as there is more negative press about the organization in its entirety (check out ProPublica’s series of subjects for.


That could seem like a petty problem, but it is simply a small instance of just how whatever is done below, and in the long run all these.

” little things” accumulate. If you want one more one, ask anybody about the freshly set up holiday policy. As opposed to the normal 10.

country wide recognized holidays we are provided a miserly 6 with 4 “floating” vacations. We are told the company is just complying with.

sector standards yet should not a national acknowledged non-profit be leading the cost for even more as well as better advantages instead of.

signing up with the rush to the bottom?

My specific division is a full mess. There is no interaction from above. Essentially, none. I have had a new director for.

a year and also a fifty percent and have yet to receive one email from him. And that despite a substantial program of adjustments that he has.

set up. The communication is equally as improperly dealt with the other way around. Not just does administration never ask any type of concerns.

prior to choosing, however if any recommendation or complaint is sent through the pecking order it vanishes right into the ether.

never ever to be seen or heard from once more. This is the really interpretation of dysfunctional.

And also definitely none of these changes have to do with really improving solution. They just make it look like we are improving service.

by controling the numbers. Sadly, what monitoring forgets is that these “numbers” are actually private customers with.

private demands. In the long run, they have actually taken a good idea as well as transformed it right into nothing but a con game. This has been one of the most.

discouraging job of my entire expert occupation. I thought I was joining a kindhearted humanitarian company as well as it just.

ended up being an additional hoggish, poorly run firm.



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